ValueFeet, a complete vision of farriery at the service of the hoof and the horse

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A complete technology that enables farriery professionals to scan a hoof in 3D and digitally design a custom-made plastic horseshoe.

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Offer a new range of horseshoes in innovative materials, to meet the needs of horses and riders for protection, comfort and performance.

plastic horseshoe

Flexible, lightweight, anti-vibration protection.

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aluminum horseshoe

Horseshoes with greater rigidity and wear resistance.

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Experience digital forge

a simple, reliable and controlled process


Precise trimming adapted to the horse's needs.


Scan the plantar surface (bottom view) of each foot with D-SCAN.


Design the horseshoes using Hubforge software, based on the 3D footprints.


Once your order has been placed, we produce your custom horseshoes in our D-Factory.


Delivered to your home or stable, all you have to do is fix the horseshoes.

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la technologie valuefeet dédié aux besoin du cheval

D-Scan and Hubforge

D-Scan and Hubforge

*for an initial period of at least 2 months with 1 month’s notice.

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valuefeet farrier

| the distinction

Earn the Valuefeet Farrier distinction and add value to your skills.

The Valuefeet Farrier distinction is recognition of the skills and knowledge of farriers who have completed the Valuefeet Farrier training course. This training, based on an alliance between our technology and a specific vision, enables farriers to acquire the skills they need to produce high-quality custom-made fittings.

Precise trimming is essential for protection that supports and strengthens the horse’s foot.

The ability to understand the specific needs of the horse’s foot and provide appropriate protection.

Mastery of ValueFeet technology, which enables precise 3D prints to be taken of horses’ feet.

The use of horseshoe design software to create high-performance horseshoes that meet individual horse needs using innovative materials.

The ability to provide fittings that promote the well-being of the horse and the satisfaction of the rider/owner.

Experts, recognized valuefeet farrier

Antoine GOMEZ


A pioneer of Valuefeet technology, Antoine has been fitting Delysis for 5 years, and now shares his expertise with other professionals.

Fabien CREUX

Horse Clinic

A reference farrier at an approved equine veterinary clinic, he has specialized in Delysis fitting for over 2 years.

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