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We began our research in 2014, and the company has only been technologically mature for two years. In the meantime, we’ve been working for many years to develop everything that surrounds ValueFeet. Our group has focused on three areas at the same time: developing our own scanner to take the modelled footprint of a hoof, then our own software to design the custom shoe, and finally our own production factory.



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Everything is rigorously controlled to guarantee the highest quality products and services.


Constant investment in research and development to remain the leader in our sector.


Horse well-being is our core business. It is at the heart of all our research and decisions.


Improving horse performance is our ambition, and we know that it is all down to the horse's hooves.

In concrete terms, how is ValueFeet technology organized ?

Thanks to a D-Scan purchased or rented from a farrier or health professional, we can take a hoof impression and work on it via Hubforge, a custom horseshoe design software. The software offers a wide range of possible materials and combinations. A horseshoe would not have the same function depending on where it is placed on the foot: cushioning, propulsion, etc. It’s more interesting to make a modular, lightweight horseshoe. We’re banking on several materials, and in particular Flexinyl, a polyamide (plastic) horseshoe that represents a real evolution in terms of materials: it brings comfort, lightness and is the material closest to that of the sole of the hoof.

There’s no question of making an horseshoe that will block the functioning of the foot. We want our Delysis to be able to reproduce all the sensations experienced by barefoot. Many of our customers (including Simon Delestre, Jeanne Sadran, etc.) are already equipped, as is Julien Epaillard (currently world No. 2), whom we equip for his grass competitions, including the recent European Championships. We design the lightest protections to cramp the foot, while remaining as close as possible to the barefoot sensation. Our DELYSIS range resembles a sports sneaker: several layers of material for optimum comfort and foot freedom.

delysis horseshoes for a barefoot feeling

Towards repeatable trimming and shoeing for equine well-being

Traditional farriery is marked by empiricism, and it is common – and human – for a horse’s trimming to be inconsistent from one shoe to the next. Nevertheless, consistent trimming with as little change as possible once the balance is found, is the key to a good shoeing process. By offering a perfectly adjusted Delysis through a production run on a hoof scan, we accompany the farrier’s eye, so he can adjust his trimming as closely as possible to the horse’s needs. The ideal is to anticipate hoof pathologies, and act upstream.

A controlled production chain from a to z

To ensure total product management, we have our own D-Factory. We are highly responsive, and can ship horseshoe ordered from anywhere in the world within 24 hours. We continue to research new materials and optics.

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