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Get a complete farriery service, performed by highly qualified and experienced ValueFeet Farrier professionals.

Increase comfort and performance

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Keep your horses' feet healthy, for happier, better-performing horses.


Our D-Scan is a revolutionary tool that creates a digital footprint of the horse, like a 3D photo.


From the scans, our experts use Hubforge software to create tailor-made horseshoes that fit your horse's feet perfectly.


We control the entire production chain, from design to manufacture, to guarantee the quality and consistency of our products.


One of our qualified and experienced ValueFeet Farriers will fix your Delysis horseshoe with precision and care.


We make invoicing easy with a single invoice for all services. Our prices are fixed and transparent, so you always know what you're paying.

complete farriery services

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Get the services of a farrier who has completed and validated the ValueFeet Farrier training within our group.

With this distinction, ValueFeet Farrier provides a complete farriery service, from trimming and hoofprinting to designing and fitting Delysis. These professionals are passionate about horses’ well-being, and are always on the lookout for the latest innovations to improve their health and performance.


Delysis horseshoes provide optimum support and protection, while preserving the hooves' natural mobility and flexibility.

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Get advantageous, supervised prices thanks to the collaboration of farriers recognized ValueFeet Farrier.

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ValueFeet offers you a complete, streamlined solution to save you time and energy.